We provide Water loss control programs, leak detection technology
 and survey along with AWWA water audits


Water Loss Prospecting

Water Loss Control Programs

Meter Testing

Meter Testing, residential and commercial

Your system could increase its annual revenue simply by conducting a random sample test of your meter population. Accurate meters bring in increased revenue which can be used to buy more meters, have a leak detection crew,and increased wages. 

Manage your meter accuracy effectively and to ensure the utility is receiving 100% of its possible revenue stream.  We can also work with you to determine if AMR or AMI technology works and which one would be the most appropriate for the needs of the system.

Let us conduct a meter population test to determine overall system accuracy.  The findings will allow WLProspecting to make recommendations as to whether a meter replacement program is appropriate.  This test could be part of a standard AWWA water audit.  We offer this internationally recognized water loss control strategy with minimal investment.

Step Testing

Leak Detection Surveying

Step Testing can localize areas of leakage within a specific area, thus giving a starting point for leak detection survey work.

Installing insertion meters into main lines and monitoring web based meters will allow us to establish minimum night flows.  This will then enable us to monitor the system for large variations in flow.We offer this internationally recognized water loss control strategy with minimal investment.

District Metered Areas

District Metered Areas

Our District Meter Area Pilot Study provides a simplified and focused solution for recovering Non Revenue Water (NRW) through water flow and pressure monitoring and Management. DMA's divide the water system into more manageable sections, enabling you to assess flow and pressure levels.

Our DMA program ensures valuable resources: time, effort, and money is spent addressing NRW sources in the needed locations and not wasted in healthy system areas.  To encourage utilities to explore reducing NRW through this internationally recognized water loss control strategy, we offer this program with minimal investment.