We provide Water loss control programs, leak detection technology
 and survey along with AWWA water audits


Water Loss Prospecting

Real time Correlators

Eureka 3 Correlators


  • High definition touch screen for easy operation
  • 16-bit digital correlation processing
  • interactive pipe model, correlation and coherence spectrum
  • Velocity correction function
  • Post-processing analysis using powerful Enigma software
  • Compact, with in case battery charging

Digital Correlation

Enigma Correlators


  • Optimum performance in difficult leak detection situations
  • Avoids costly night-time working
  • Three sound samples separate leakage from genuine water use
  • Latest 24-bit digital correlations
  • Finds multiple leaks

Network Correlating Loggers

Enigma3M Network Correlators


  • Correlation processing for accurate leak positions
  • Daily transmission for improved efficiency and reduced leak run time
  • Simple installation - no above ground radio repeaters required
  • Data available at any location via PrimeWeb on a web browser
  • Leak listening for confirmation of leak noise
  • Logger GPS location stored
  • Embedded roaming SIM for optimum network communication
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