We provide Water loss control programs, leak detection technology
 and survey along with AWWA water audits


Water Loss Prospecting

AWWA Water Audits

How Much Money are you Losing each year?

AWWA Standard Audits

WLP is a Texas leader, with personnel that use current AWWA water reporting standards.  We developed our own WaterCalc software, containing numerous performance indicators; Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI) and the Unavoidable Annual Real Loss calculation (UARL).  We place particular emphasis on data validation, this determines our confidence levels in program recommendation. We can also complete your TWDB required Water Audit Worksheet.

How much money are you either not receiving through inaccurate meters or spending in production water but receiving zero return on investment.  Studies show it is more cost effective to invest time and money in looking for water already purchased than securing more water rights.